I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced something that hasn’t yielded the expected results. May I stretch that and say we’ve all been left to pick up the pieces from a nightmare project?
Of course these fearful phenomena are industry agnostic, maybe a mechanic is bewildered why the last garage didn’t replace the oil filter or your barber tells you the previous stylist has butchered your locks (just me then?).

Even with a huge appetite for risk, surely in this digital, information rich, social media sharing world, we can reduce the fear of getting it wrong?
BUT who’s to say who/what is right or wrong…maybe the mechanic left the filter for a reason and the stylist was just trying to put-down their predescissor (sorry) and become the artist of choice.

During a recent EFQM Excellence Model discussion, my colleague asked a manufacturer if they had discussed best practice with, or benchmarked themselves against their neighbours (on an industrial estate).
Great idea I thought, they may be no synergy in their neighbours products but it’s good to talk. It’s important to network, bounce ideas and help one another, remove the fear.

Recommendations, testimonials, known quantities, call them what you will are
super valuable commodities.
Here at Far North we strongly believe in the economy of our network, trusted organisations whom we have evaluated and been impressed by, both with their quality of work and most importantly their integrity.

It’s human nature to help when someone asks, so just holla, remove the fear
…and as for the lead question, do something.

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