Opportunity lies in mistakes

Mistakes, who sir? Me sir?
I LOVE it when I hear clients say they’ve made a mistake.
If you know me and you have shared your mistake with me, I usually (and annoyingly) shout “BOOM let’s get on it”.  This is because it is now your time to shine.
There is no better time to show how responsive you can be, maybe you’ve never had the chance yet.

If you have only made run of the mill transactions with your customers and clients, you may not have really got to know one another.  Your valued clients may not know how you go above and beyond to help.  How you under promise but over deliver.  How you literally are, a Rockstar!

So, your clients have now experienced your five-star service…they love you, now what?

Ask them to review your company, via Facebook and Google, ask for a personal recommendation via LinkedIn.  You pride yourself on great customer service, now is the time to enhance and manage your online reputation.

We all religiously read reviews and forums so what makes you think it’s different when it comes to your products and services?  Expand that digital footprint.

It upsets me, I can hardly sleep at night, I shiver and shake, when I see underutilised ‘My Business’ profiles on Google and half-baked Facebook pages.
You guys are amazing and the SEO fairies love this Google review stuff.  Let’s change this together, starting now.  Let’s get us some Google reviews.

Have you noticed when you perform a Google search for your own business (usually not often, granted) but when you do, Google sucks in everything they can.
On the right-hand side of the results, you should see your company details and a section for reviews.

Click the ‘Write a review’

When the review box pops up, copy and paste the URL, it should look like this:-


Now, as your clients are so amazed at what you do, you’ll want to assist them in providing a five-star review.  To do this simply add 5, to the end of the URL as below, and hey presto clicking this link pops a ready to go five-star review box!


Take this edited link and send it to your customers, ask them to leave you an honest review.  I’m sure it will be amazing.

As my pa often always says, “it’s nice, to be nice.”


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