Inside Life 360Show Name: Inside Life 360
Host Name: Jim McKenzie
Episode: 10
Show Recap: Ian and I talk about how to grow any business from small acorns, and the methods that he and I both use to network and locate our target customers in a very competitive marketplace and to stand out from the crowd, including: - why you need to get out of your office and make some noise to get you and your business noticed - the importance of trust in these days of online marketing and how to build it - easy ways to locate and target your ideal customers, and how to leverage your existing list of customers.

The Podcaster's LifeShow Name: The Podcaster's Life
Host Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 15
Show Recap: On this episode of the Podcaster’s Life, Ian talks about his guests as the unsung heroes, his podcasting journey, the emotions around publishing, scheduling, challenges, and finding guests.

Unstoppable CoachShow Name: Unstoppable Coach
Host Name: Millette Jones
Episode: 71
Show Recap: Sales Professional Ian Farrar has over 20 years in global business development roles. Social evangelist Ian, founded the sales and marketing agency Far North and is the host of the UK’s number one diverse business podcast IndustryAngel.com Last year Ian was nominated for a European influencer award alongside Gary Vaynercuck and Tim Ferris and often speaks about his burn out experience that landed him in hospital and saw him fire himself from corporate life in 2015

The IgniteRock PodcastShow Name: The IgniteRock Podcast
Host Name: Ahmed Khalifa
Episode: 25
Show Recap: In this episode, I talk to Ian Farrar, the Founder & Managing Director of Far North; sales & marketing consultancy with a passion to drive growth in the North-East of the UK’s manufacturing and technology businesses. “If any sales people are listening to this…cool your jets! Keep the relationship going and you’ll get across the line. People often get messed up when they don’t get that sale. It’s not a ‘no’…it’s a ‘not now’. Just keep going” – Ian Farrar

Micro Podcast ImprovShow Name: Micro Podcast Improv
Host Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 1
Show Recap: Two Podcasters draw a topic from a 9 year old girl and create a 3-5 minute micro podcast. It\'s always fun!

Funky ThinkersShow Name: Funky Thinkers
Host Name: Jon Senior
Episode: 7
Show Recap: Sales professional Ian Farrar has over 20 years in global business development roles. Trained by the UK Institute of Directors, Ian has successfully negotiated business deals… scams, martial arts street fights and car crashes across the Middle and Far East. With a strong, global network of influential contacts to call on, Ian has held management and operational leadership positions for engineering and technology companies. Ian also has impressive experience holding non-executive directorships for public sector organisations.

Industry Angel Business PodcastShow Name: Industry Angel Business Podcast
Host Name: Ian Farrar
Episode: 53
Show Recap: Ian answers questions from last week\'s show about Influencer Marketing and promotes Employee Advocacy. Ian Farrar Discusses:- Influencer marketing return Customer Influencing Employee Advocacy Social Media Policies Humanising the business

PodcastersShow Name: Podcasters
Host Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 17
Show Recap: Boss it on Social Media Ian Farrar joins me today with some great insights on social media. Some highlights include: Don’t just sell 3 X 30 minute sessions Meaningful content Boss one platform The slow burn a hack for algorithms AND Ian’t top 5 tips

The Biggest Win Sales PodcastShow Name: The Biggest Win Sales Podcast
Host Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 14
Show Recap: Continue to Challenge Yourself; Ian joins us 30 minutes in for some fun sales improv.



"Keep your eyes and ears on this guy - he's going far! This podcast breaks the mould - really down to earth and helpful content."


"Wow, love my weekly podcast episode with Ian.  He makes the guests so comfortable that they share unreal content that I would never get a chance to hear."

"Thanks for introducing me to some amazing guests. I always find myself making notes and following the guests on social media. It was nice to receive an email reply from Ian too who even helped me with a particular issue!"