Experienced podcaster Ian, often guests on exciting shows linked to his passion.
Ian communicates professionally before the show, has invested in excellent equipment and ensures the host is confident and calm.

Ian's style is fun but professional and he enjoys talking around;

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Social Media
  • Volunteering
  • Branding
  • Public Speaking

If you'd like to Ian to feature on your show drop us a message and we can make it happen!


1% BetterShow Name: 1% Better
Host Name: Rob of the Green
Episode: 34
Show Recap: Ian is a man of many talents. These include Sales, Marketing, Digital & Business Coach, Podcast Hosting training, and helping other improve. That’s why I felt he was a perfect fit and guest on ‘1% Better’. We connected last year as we both presented topics on ‘International Podcast Day’ in September 2018 and we agreed to do an episode. I didn’t mess around too much with this one as I dived straight into Ian’s Entrepreneurial Journey and it flowed from there. As always, we cover a broad range of topics and share a number of practical tips, tools, insights that you could take something of value from.

Industry Angel Business PodcastShow Name: Industry Angel Business Podcast
Host Name: Ian Farrar
Episode: 53
Show Recap: Ian answers questions from last week\'s show about Influencer Marketing and promotes Employee Advocacy. Ian Farrar Discusses:- Influencer marketing return Customer Influencing Employee Advocacy Social Media Policies Humanising the business

Funky ThinkersShow Name: Funky Thinkers
Host Name: Jon Senior
Episode: 7
Show Recap: Sales professional Ian Farrar has over 20 years in global business development roles. Trained by the UK Institute of Directors, Ian has successfully negotiated business deals… scams, martial arts street fights and car crashes across the Middle and Far East. With a strong, global network of influential contacts to call on, Ian has held management and operational leadership positions for engineering and technology companies. Ian also has impressive experience holding non-executive directorships for public sector organisations.

The IgniteRock PodcastShow Name: The IgniteRock Podcast
Host Name: Ahmed Khalifa
Episode: 25
Show Recap: In this episode, I talk to Ian Farrar, the Founder & Managing Director of Far North; sales & marketing consultancy with a passion to drive growth in the North-East of the UK’s manufacturing and technology businesses. “If any sales people are listening to this…cool your jets! Keep the relationship going and you’ll get across the line. People often get messed up when they don’t get that sale. It’s not a ‘no’…it’s a ‘not now’. Just keep going” – Ian Farrar

Mint Business ClubShow Name: Mint Business Club
Host Name: Nicola Jayne Little
Episode: 33
Show Recap: In the latest in our series of MINT Conversations, Nicola Jayne Little speaks to sales and marketing expert, Ian Farrar. Ian Farrar is a specialist in driving growth for business. He is a coach, podcaster, public speaker and long-time friend of MINT. He told Nicola what it was like coming back to work after seven months off. “You know, if you break a leg, it takes six or seven weeks to heal. My heart, my soul, my head, my everything took seven months. And there was no way of fast tracking that I couldn’t, you know, I’m not going to start running on it on two big broken legs. I had to wait until I was ready. After about six months, I started getting really twitchy. You know, I was getting it back. I could feel me getting my mojo back. I was like, YES! And it was just a fact of like hitting the black book and just saying, look, you know, we worked together in the past. I’ve started my own business or I’m thinking about starting my own business. If I did this for you, what would that look like? Would you be interested in that? And then I just started doing small bits of consultancy for people and growing it that way.”

Business & Lifestyle LEGENDS Podcas‪t‬Show Name: Business & Lifestyle LEGENDS Podcas‪t‬
Host Name: Ben Schneider
Episode: 37
Show Recap: If you surround yourself with Yes-men, you’re only gonna ever do what you want with the business, your opinions are the only ones that count, and you have people around your table just agreeing with you, and that’s the worst thing ever. – Ian Farrar, Host of the Industry Angel Business Podcast and Founder of Far North Sales & Marketing How important really is leadership? Join Ben Schneider and Ian Farrar as they discuss what makes a good leader, how to learn the best leadership style for your business, and approaching remote team management. Leadership and management go hand in hand. How you manage your team, whether remotely or in-house, reveals a lot of how good or bad of a manager you are. In this episode, you’ll learn how your approach in team management is crucial to your company’s success.

YorStory - World Storytelling DayShow Name: YorStory - World Storytelling Day
Host Name: Jackie Naghten
Episode: 0
Show Recap: Host of the highly popular Industry Angel podcast which has run for over 200 episodes, Ian Farrar, in conversation with Jackie Naghten, will tell us the story of his podcast, how and why he launched it, and what is the secret of its success. With topics ranging from marketing to performance to mental health in the workplace. He also speaks of his techniques to keep it plain and simple. The Industry Angel podcast has become required listening for the business community in the North East of England and Ian will tell us what it has done for his business and what a podcast could do for yours.

School For FathersShow Name: School For Fathers
Host Name: Danusia Malina-Derben
Episode: 6
Show Recap: Bottom line GROWTH isn’t necessarily the most important thing. In this ep I’m joined by Ian Farrar, self confessed social evangelist, professional speaker and Entrepreneur. From Mercedes to Subaru, Ian’s priorities have changed since his hustling lifestyle that led to burnout. We look into what the cost of hustling really is – to our health, personal lives and beyond

The Fuel PodcastShow Name: The Fuel Podcast
Host Name: Keith Smith
Episode: 24
Show Recap: an Farrar runs a not-your-typical-run-of-the-mill sales and marketing agency called Far North and he’s brimming with confidence about the potential for business in a post-pandemic world. Ian’s company has been innovating, advising, consulting and implementing for SMEs as if there was no such thing as a slow-down. Why? How? Who? What? Where? We uncover Ian’s secret recipe for success as a business coach, speaker and social media influencer. Topics covered include: How to develop your own personal brand The basic rules of sales & marketing for SMEs Innovative coaching ideas Is TV advertising dead? Karma-driven business models Why the North East is the curry capital of the UK A scorching-hot interview, sure to spice up anyone interested in smart marketing ideas.

The Biggest Win Sales PodcastThe Biggest Win Sales PodcastHost Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 14
Show Recap: Continue to Challenge Yourself; Ian joins us 30 minutes in for some fun sales improv.

PodcastersPodcastersHost Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 17
Show Recap: Boss it on Social Media Ian Farrar joins me today with some great insights on social media. Some highlights include: Don’t just sell 3 X 30 minute sessions Meaningful content Boss one platform The slow burn a hack for algorithms AND Ian’t top 5 tips

Micro Podcast ImprovMicro Podcast ImprovHost Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 9
Show Recap: Two Podcasters draw a topic from a 9 year old girl and create a 3-5 minute micro podcast. It's always fun!

Unstoppable CoachShow Name: Unstoppable Coach
Host Name: Millette Jones
Episode: 71
Show Recap: Sales Professional Ian Farrar has over 20 years in global business development roles. Social evangelist Ian, founded the sales and marketing agency Far North and is the host of the UK’s number one diverse business podcast IndustryAngel.com Last year Ian was nominated for a European influencer award alongside Gary Vaynercuck and Tim Ferris and often speaks about his burn out experience that landed him in hospital and saw him fire himself from corporate life in 2015

The Podcaster's LifeThe Podcaster's LifeHost Name: Alexander Laurin
Episode: 15
Show Recap: On this episode of the Podcaster’s Life, Ian talks about his guests as the unsung heroes, his podcasting journey, the emotions around publishing, scheduling, challenges, and finding guests.

Inside Life 360Show Name: Inside Life 360
Host Name: Jim McKenzie
Episode: 10
Show Recap: Ian and I talk about how to grow any business from small acorns, and the methods that he and I both use to network and locate our target customers in a very competitive marketplace and to stand out from the crowd, including: - why you need to get out of your office and make some noise to get you and your business noticed - the importance of trust in these days of online marketing and how to build it - easy ways to locate and target your ideal customers, and how to leverage your existing list of customers.



"Keep your eyes and ears on this guy - he's going far! This podcast breaks the mould - really down to earth and helpful content."


"Wow, love my weekly podcast episode with Ian.  He makes the guests so comfortable that they share unreal content that I would never get a chance to hear."

"Thanks for introducing me to some amazing guests. I always find myself making notes and following the guests on social media. It was nice to receive an email reply from Ian too who even helped me with a particular issue!"

Each episode of the Industry Angel podcast is info-edutainment without going longer than it needs to be.  Within one episode our CEO was hooked and told us: "If you listen properly, you'll realize, this guy Ian is making you cleverer." What's worse is that now we can't stop listening 🙂